Hey guys! Since I’ve just reached 2K amazing followers and I wanted to create my first ever follow forever.

Thank you for following my unquality blog, i have met and befriended so many wonderful people on here who i wouldn’t trade for the world and of course to the amazing blogs i follow who make my dash a brighter place, you’re all awesome and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise… Big hugs for you all! 

So I have only listed some of my favorite blogs, I’m sorry If I forgot anyone, I couldn’t mention everyone due to the amount but thank you to everyone :)

my favourite bloggers:
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I wanted to do this for a while but I was waiting for the right time which is now I think. I want to thank every single person that decided to follow my blog, it’s been quite some exciting months and you guys made this experience so enjoyable. This list of blogs will not only be recommendations but also people I’ve enjoyed on my dashboard, some of them have been so kind and relatable that I am grateful to have found them. I wanna give extra sloppy german kisses to the bolded url’s. They all put so much effort in their blogs and this is just a little appreciation post for them. And since I appreciate every blog I follow check out my blogroll.Love y’all lots ♥︎

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